EtherWaves Technology  

ClearSignal™ - EtherWaves technology, implements Digital Radio by using pure software, in a large variety of configurations, to achieve the flexibility obtainable only with this advanced approach. Further benefits are the capability to use it over a large variety of hardware, its configurability, scalability and capability to upgrade via software.

ClearSignal design is core-agnostic, enabling it to be used with the same ease in a large variety of cores or processors, as already proven in the various company designs. Despite its using such a novel and advanced concept, ClearSignal is a stable and mature technology, saving the customers' cost and time for the design. Additional features of ClearSignal design are its built-in capability to execute on the same processor as the customers'; application, and its maximizing of the hardware resources use, leading to further cost efficiency.

In a nutshell, ClearSignal offers a challenging set of capabilities that include:

  • The use of a low-cost, general-purpose fixed-point DSP or core
  • Concurrent operation with customer's applications on same (or different) processor
  • Simultaneous support of multiple digital broadcasting standards
  • The option of adding silicon blocks for reducing the load on the processor
  • Consumes a minimal amount of internal memory
  • Generates a minimal load on the processor, to keep processing the original applications
  • Sophisticated processor - silicon interaction for optimal bus traffic
  • Controls the load on the processor, for low power consumption

EtherWaves is able to offer these capabilities by utilising its main core competencies - the ability to achieve real-time performance using parallel computation over fixed point architecture, the optimal reuse of limited program and data memories, its expertise to put together the knowledge of semiconductor, optimization algorithms and embedded OS, as well as its experience in designing digital radios and bringing these designs to mass production.

At the core of the company's innovation stands the continuously improving ClearSignal™ technology, enabling rapid and effective deployment of a finely balanced fusion of customer's and EtherWaves software with optional silicon blocks, for adding digital radio capability to existing systems, whilst optimally reusing the customer's existing resources.

Please inquire with us about our experience with your specific DSP or core.


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