ClearSignal-SoC™ is a package of software IP, which can add multi-standard Digital Broadcasting decode capability to the customer's SoC: DAB, DAB+, T-DMB, DRM and in future DRM+. Specifically designed to be integrated within the customer's architecture, it can execute on a variety of cores and can use a large variety of SoC hardware blocks.

Target customer
Semiconductors companies, designing SoC for the Consumer Electronics industry, who wish to add Digital Radio capability to their systems.

Built upon ClearSignal's proven pure-software based technology, ClearSignal-SoC can enable an intelligent mix of software and silicon blocks. The software has been designed to be highly customizable to a large variety of SoC architectures, such as ARC, ARM and Xtensa. The software is core-flexible and the IP hardware blocks are standard based. The balance between the silicon and software can be matched to the scope of the end product, for the required trade-off between low power consumption, small size, multi-feature, and low cost.

ClearSignal-SoC's Silicon and Software design are demonstrated on an FPGA evaluation platform. The deliverables include: software, control stack and silicon blocks designs, standard API, documentation, test/verification files, acceptance test procedures, test data and the design of a hardware evaluation platform enabling rapid device performance verification and IC implementation.

Product Features

  • Core-flexible software
  • Silicon IP with industry standard interface
  • Compatible to most standard RF tuners
  • Compatible to all de-facto multimedia
  • Includes support for Digital Radio Broadcasting standards
  • Extendable to future COFDM based Digital Broadcasting standards 
  • Strong fading channel algorithms for mobile and automotive applications
  • Based on ClearSignal proven pure-software solution that is implemented in high-end digital radios

Main Benefits

  • Multi-standard solution for Multimedia Broadcasting and Digital Radio&
  • Intelligent mix of software and silicon enables freedom of choice
  • Stand-alone solution - special processors and IP applications are not required
  • Maximum usage of existing blocks
  • Reduced receiver power consumption of end product
  • Supported by extensive training, R&D, testing, and verification services and data

Download ClearSignal-SoC datasheet

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