ClearSignal-Auto™ is a package of Software IP targeted to be executed on fixed point DSPs, such as Blackfin or ARM, to provide multimode Digital Radio reception capability in cars.

The use of pure software approach enables ClearSignal-Auto to implement the powerful Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, which in turn, comes with important benefits for the infotainment car industry. The most prominent benefit is probably the capability of using off-the-shelf, low-cost DSPs, thus assuring long term hardware availability. A related benefit is the flexibility to easily adapt to changes in customers' requirements or to Digital Radio protocols; these can likely be all implemented with same hardware.

And finally, ClearSignal-Auto is a proven solution that has been successfully deployed in high-end German automotive cars. Learn from the following Automotive OEM case study how you can also add Digital Radio capability to your infotainment system

Target customer
System integrators of Automotive infotainment and infotelematic devices.

Designed to be quickly and efficiently integrated into an existing HU or into a new design, the SDR based ClearSignal-Auto makes maximum use of the existing hardware resources (DSP and memory), for fast and cost-effective development cycles, and can be used on either a single DSP or in a multiple-chip configuration. The higher performance Head Units' design can take advantage of the Dual-Tuner option of ClearSignal-Auto, which decodes simultaneously two different (or identical) broadcasts - such as DAB+ and DRM, using a single (or multiple) DSP.

EtherWaves provides its customers with DAB/DAB+, DMB and DRM software libraries, together with comprehensive API, on a platform of their choice. A reference design system is also available, as well as complete documentation for design and testing, usage examples, test vectors and optional integration services.

Product Features

  • Multi-standard
  • Dual-tuner option
  • Compatible to most standard RF tuners
  • Uses SDR architecture
  • Designed for easy and fast integration with customer's software modules
  • Flexible integration in various hardware platforms, such as Blackfin and ARM (Cortex-A9)
  • Strong anti-fading channel algorithms for automotive applications
  • Seamless FM synchronization
  • Extendable to additional COFDM based Digital Broadcasting standards
  • Supplied on a Reference Design platform
  • Complemented by testing, verification services and data
  • Integration services at customer site

Main Benefits

  • Dedicated and proven solution for the Automotive environment
  • Capability to listen to one DAB audio service, while decoding TPEG traffic information or other DAB data services of a different ensemble
  • Perform DAB/DRM background scan, whilst listening to a digital radio audio service
  • Seamless reception when travelling between regions with different Digital Radio standards
  • Rapid design cycle
  • Fast and Easy integration for a large range of system configurations
  • Cost-effective (low BOM of the end product)
  • Enables to adapt to changes caused by standards additions (such as DAB+), hardware constrains, and customers' requirements

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